Statement and Objectives
We devote part of our design to the life experience, the accumulation of human-centered civilization, the living environment and the taste of the past and the future of life.

In addition, the pursuit of the depth of art is one of company’s focuses. The company is refining the art concept of creating a new era of spatial concepts.

In satisfying the people-oriented demand, through the refined view to show different case style, and to achieve the design concept in different types of space, the company provides art consulting to develop the unique life beauty and life value in design.

The company goal is to provide our clients with creative concepts, high-quality design and flawless execution; in short, the company design is to create end results that are as unique and wonderful as our clients.

TAD interior design (Group) Co., Ltd. was established in 2000 by David Tan, Thomas Wu, and Arthur Wang, three famous interior designers from Taiwan.

TAD Design Group is composed of interior designers, architects and domestic professional designers with international work experience. Also, the company’s projects are regularly profiled in national magazines and other media outlets.

The company designers’ projects are well-known for real estate development cases and sales, model homes, private mansions, clubs and large commercial spaces. Moreover, our designers successfully planned and designed for listed companies, corporate headquarters, guest houses, as well as enterprise groups in spatial planning and design, as well as the implementation of construction.

We believe our team can successful meet all professional requirement, and provide a wealth of design and construction experience, the pursuit of international design and service of human culture and efforts to ensure that customers enjoy the best quality service, with high-quality products as the goal.

The operator ,TAD interior design (Group) Co., Ltd. which have three parts in shanghai ,they are TAD Associates Inc. Interior Design、Dayan Associates Inc. Interior Design、 DH Design Architecture Inc. Interior Design, although they have different design priorities, complement each other and they all meet different types of design requirements for client.
Business Field

Interior design
Functionality, configuration, lighting, effects, material, color, detailing, construction supervision.

Building & Commercial space
Positioning, appearance, assessment, drawing, coordination, supervision.

Furniture Configuration Implementation and Purchasing
Imagine, budget, configuration, material, customizations, purchasing, lighting, installation, furnishings.

Project Planning Execution
Assessment, budget, cycle, contract, supervision, acceptance, warranty, after sales services.